Structured Cabling Solutions

At AC&C, we have the technical expertise to design all types of copper and fiber-optic cabling projects using flexible patching and cable management systems that give you the ability to expand and enhance your network communication as your company’s needs change. Wiring is at our core, and we can pull all types of cable to suit your specific needs: from AV to CCTV, to complete alarm systems. We also offer cable system design, installation, and maintenance, including emergency restoration services.

A structured cabling system is the backbone of your network and is often times overlooked after it’s been installed. That’s why you’ll find that AC&C’s efficient and friendly customer service and follow up truly sets us apart and will allow your system to perform at its
full potential.

LAN/WAN/Wireless Integration

By using the most up-to-date technology, our networking know-how provides all aspects of Layer 2 and 3 switching and routing of various protocols in your network, and all types of data circuits. In a nutshell, we’ll help keep your operations moving and your costs as low as possible.

Wireless access to your hard-wired network is crucial, and the use of Wireless Access Points will enable you to support an increased number of users and devices. Implementation of these types of network enhancements are crucial to the continued success of your business. We understand the right products combined with efficient and effective implementation is critical. As a result of this perfect union, you’ll optimize your technology capabilities with secure, high-speed/high-demand network access while increasing the return on your investment.

Firewalls and VPN Solutions

Computer networks are typically a shared resource used by many people for many purposes. Properly setting up a firewall and Virtual Private Network (VPN) are important factors for protecting online traffic and connecting multiple locations together without the need for additional dedicated data circuits. There are many reasons to set up a firewall and start using VPN’s, such as giving employees remote access to files, applications, printers, and other resources on the office network without compromising security. Whatever your particular needs and reasons may be, AC&C will secure your IT infrastructure to keep your private information connected.

Network Security & Monitoring

Network security is an ever-evolving process… determined invaders eventually find a way to break through tried-and-true safeguards. The most effective types of monitoring strategies collect and analyze data to help you detect and properly respond to attacks.

AC&C will add a robust layer of protection around your networks and help avoid costly and incorrect solutions. Your company can easily implement policies and controls with help from AC&C who can keep a strict eye on your Internet and bandwidth usage and content filtering.

VoIP Telephony & SIP Services

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a technology that provides performance, flexibility, and affordability when making telephone calls over your data network. VoIP converts voice conversation into digital data packets and supports real-time, two-way communications using your data network.

Session Initiated Protocol (SIP) trunks offer a substantial cost savings over traditional long distance telephone calls and AC&C offers equipment and service plans to help keep you connected to your audience.

Project Management

In today’s regularity of doing increasingly more with increasingly less, finding a dependable maintenance service contractor who will help optimize your IT poten- tial is more important than ever. AC&C's experienced project managers and technicians specialize in the logistical, technical, and financial aspects of each networking project they touch. We’ll meet with your team regularly to listen to your vision and determine. the ideal scope of work and establish deadlines for the tasks needed to complete the project. AC&C's project management team defines responsibilities for each element of the project then executes the entire process effectively through completion with accurate budget guidelines to keep you financially on track. We work in partnership with you as your business grows and changes creating custom design solutions that fit your evolving service needs.

National Deployment

AC&C offers a variety of deployment services that give your company local-to-global resources to meet your network infrastructure demands. Through our nationally- vetted partner network, we will act as your outsourced MAC department and install the hardware needed to support current and future infrastructure deployments.

You’ll be able to maintain consistent standards and enjoy significant cost savings through our centrally- focused management system that moves, adds, and changes as you do. Our team of responsive professionals will ensure that your investment is flexible enough to meet your current and future requirements.